Welcome to the Paediatric Peer Mentoring Programme

To date, peer support for trainees in Paediatrics has been informal and variable amongst both Trusts and individuals. We feel that there is a real need for an accessible and flexible Peer Support system, particularly for junior trainees.

This Pilot Programme matches 18 Peer Mentors (ST5 and above) with 18 Peer Mentees (ST1 trainees), with whom they will establish a Peer Mentoring relationship over the course of one year.

Peer Mentors are supported in their role through participation in an extensive programme of face to face training, including three days of training in Coaching and Mentoring delivered by established providers, and additional training in Paediatric specific issues, resources and support pathways. This face to face training is reinforced by learning materials supplied to all participants. In addition, learning is reinforced by an experiential programme of self-reflection and facilitated action learning sets.  

Peer Mentees also receive face to face training to ensure that they understand the nature of the Peer Mentoring relationship, and relevant safeguards, and to enable them to maximise the benefit gained from this opportunity.

We hope this innovative Programme will be of benefit to both senior and junior trainees, and will ultimately inform development of a sustainable and effective School-wide Peer Support Programme.

Programme documents including presentations, questionnaires and certificates are available on our documents page here.

For further information including if you are interested in participating in the next phase of this programme, either as a peer mentor or peer mentee, please contact paediatricpeermentoring@gmail.com