Annual Trainee Conference 2013

London School of General Practice
Annual Trainee Conference 2013

“The NHS in our hands – the future is General Practice”

Thursday 4th July 2013 - Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London WC1N

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The London School of General Practice Trainee Committee would like to invite you to the Annual GP Trainee Conference 2013.

This Conference is being organised by London GP trainees for fellow trainees.

It is an opportunity for London GP trainees to:

A full day event that will include:

Guest Speakers include:

Mike Pringle is President of the Royal College of General Practitioners, having taken over from Dr Iona Heath in November 2012.

Having been a general practitioner for 30 years, Mike is now retired from practice and the University of Nottingham, where he is Emeritus Professor of General Practice. He has been Chair of RCGP Council from 1998-2001, Chair of the RCGP Trustee Board 2009-2012 and RCGP revalidation clinical lead 2008-2012. Mike helps to run CHEC, an innovative primary care development project, and is Strategic Director of PRIMIS+. He holds a number of board positions with voluntary organisations including Arthritis Research UK.

Dr Mo Ali is a GP, and a National RCGP Commissioning Champion, as well as the ex- Medical Director at NHS Harrow. He was previously a GP Advisor for CNWL. He set up the RCGP Business Skills & Tendering Course, in addition to be being a faculty board member of a number of RCGP Committees.

Dr David Lloyd is a GP and Co-Founder of Harmoni, which was the largest independent provider of urgent care services in England. He continues to be involved with innovative projects.

Workshops include

1) Clinical Commissioning Groups
Dr Mo Ali

2) Quality Improvement Projects
Dr Nikki Kanani

3) General Practice Fit For the Future
Dr Beth McCarron-Nash, BMA

4) Protecting your income
Dan Crocker, Wesleyan Medical

5) Dealing with complaints
Dr Daniel Kremer, MPS

6) GMC fitness to practice and revalidation skills
Dr Beverley Ward, MDU

7) Effective telephone communication skills
Dr Philip Zack, MDU

Workshops: Delegates are invited to attend 2 workshops