Privacy and security

At London Deanery, we take privacy and security seriously.

We have designed Synapse with your security in mind, from the first plans through to launch.  The site has been extensively tested by an independent security firm.  The connection between your computer and Synapse is encrypted using 1024-bit public key encryption, the same industry-standard security as online banks and credit card transactions.  Physically, the data you provide is stored in secure hosting facilities.

The privacy settings in Synapse allow you to customise who can see the information in your profile. For example, you can allow only your training programme director to see your phone number. You decide whether to share your activities with other people on the same training programme. You have complete control over what you put into your profile, and who can access that information.

Only London Deanery staff involved in the administration of your training can see all the information you put in your profile. This may be used to update offline records, such as your latest address details (should you choose to provide them).