London Specialty School of General Practice

Our mission is to improve the quality of patient care by supplying doctors who are educated, trained and motivated to play their part in a first-class modern health service. We aim to ensure there are sufficient numbers of competent and caring general practitioners to meet the diverse needs of the local population and the NHS both now and in the future.

Why choose this school?

Our training has been designed in response to the government's national objectives for health and social care, the local context in which our doctors work, and the changing needs and expectations of the patients they serve.

Programmes are delivered in approved organisations across London. Expert advice and guidance is provided by 83 training programme directors and over 500 trainers. More than 300 trainees will be recruited to training programmes each year.

We offer structured three-year training programmes. We are currently developing four-year training programmes with an aim to provide experience in academic general practice, leadership and management. General practitioners who choose to work in London will have opportunities to develop and grow their skills throughout their working lives.

Who is the head?
Dr Sanjiv Ahluwalia

Sanjiv is Head of School for General Practice Education in London. He is a GP in Edgware, Barnet. He has previously been Associate Director for Specialty Training Development, and Programme Director for the Barnet VTS. He is also a non-executive board member for HEE NCEL.

His interests include developing new ways of facilitating GP education, multi professional learning, and outcomes based education.

Our programmes

Our programmes are designed to help doctors meet the challenges of an ever changing and expectant health service. Key features include:

·New GP curriculum

·Improved assessment tools

·Integrated training programmes

All programmes are integrated to provide educational continuity throughout. They contain an appropriate balance between service and education, formal and informal teaching and learning and primary and secondary care. 80% of our programmes include 18 months in general practice. We plan to apply this to all programmes by August 2009.

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