We aim to provide the highest quality of training in emergency medicine using the vast wealth of clinical resources across London and the south east of England. Our programmes cover both rural and urban environments while our catchment populations include the extremes of wealth and poverty.

Why choose this school?

Emergency medicine involves the initial resuscitation and clinical care for patients of all age groups and across the whole spectrum of clinical specialities. The only predictable feature of our work is its total unpredictability. We work in fast moving, multidisciplinary teams that empower and develop all staff groups to enable them to deliver their best standards of care.

We are the largest emergency medicine training organisation in the UK, responsible for over 300 trainees. Our programmes extend across London and the south east, incorporating several of the world's most famous teaching hospitals. These include:

We encourage all trainees to develop clinical and academic skills to their highest potential. The constant variation in the workload within our departments enables you to follow many different career interests. We offer programmes in specific specialist areas, including paediatric emergency medicine, emergency medicine and intensive care medicine.

London has a population of almost eight million. With its rich variety of cultures, nationalities and social backgrounds, the capital offers any trainee a full and rewarding experience in emergency medicine.

Our programmes

Core training in emergency medicine includes two years in the Acute Care Common Stem. Trainees gain competencies in acute medicine, emergency medicine, intensive care medicine and anaesthetics before completing a third year in acute paediatrics and orthopaedics. Higher training takes place mainly within emergency departments across London and the south east, with rotations at one of the large teaching hospitals.

Unique opportunities specific to London include:

Trainees can gain experience in pre-hospital care, stadium medicine and posts focusing on academic emergency medicine. Dual accreditation with paediatrics and intensive care medicine is also available.

Head of School

Dr Chris Lacy is an emergency medicine consultant at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in South London. She is a member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine Training Standards Committee and is the current chair of the London Intercollegiate ACCS Committee (LIACCS) and TPD for the DRE-EM training programme.

Deputy Head of School

Dr Jamal Mortazavi is the Deputy Head for the School of Emergency Medicine . He is an emergency medicine consultant at Guys and St Thomas's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He is the lead for the Pan London ACCS Training Days.