About Synapse

What is Synapse?

In conjunction with the launch of the specialty schools, we have developed Synapse, the communications network to support excellence in postgraduate medical education across London and South East.

This site has been built by us specifically for training in London and South East. It has been designed and tested in conjunction with trainees and consultants across the specialties, as well as trust representatives throughout the region.

Who can use Synapse?

Anyone involved with postgraduate medical training can use Synapse. All trainees will be provided with login credentials. Professionals involved in the delivery of training, supervision and management of trainees will be contacted separately.

Click here to see a complete list of the roles that Synapse supports.

Connecting with trainers and fellow doctors

Synapse works by bringing members of the specialty schools in contact with each other. You can connect with fellow doctors, training programme directors, college tutors, consultants and other medical professionals. The My Contacts tool allows you to easily identify and communicate with your colleagues.

What else?

Synapse is interactive. This means you can contribute to web pages for your training programme, trust or specialty. You can also use online forums for professional discussion. Please see our terms and conditions for forum rules and guidelines.

Your information

Synapse is your tool to stay connected with your community and find the resources you need. You must select your training programme, trust, training level or role in training. This arranges the site’s contents to fit your situation. You must also provide an email address for Synapse to direct messages to you. Your address will not be shared with anyone.

Any additional or personal information you choose to share with the community is up to you.

To register

You can send an email to servicedesk@hee.nhs.uk with your full name, GMC number, specialty, current position and trust