Foundation Training

There are three Foundation Schools within the London and the South East (LaSE) region:

  1. North Central and East London Foundation School is managed by Health Education North Central and East London.
  2. North West Thames Foundation School is managed by Health Education North West London
  3. South Thames Foundation School is managed by Health Education South London and Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex

All 3 schools are ran by the Health Education Team (HET) based at Stewart House in London

Health Education England
Stewart House
32 Russell Square
London, WC1B 5DN

020 7866 3216

Please note that from Friday 5th January 2018 all current trainee and trust enquiries will need to be submitted via the London and South East PGMDE Support Portal

Details of two-year Foundation Programmes are available on the UKFPO websitewith additional school specific information on the LPMDE Website.

What is a Foundation School?

Foundation training is a two year programme acting as the bridge between undergraduate medical education and further training to become a general practitioner or specialist. Foundation schools oversee the training of the foundation doctors in that school.

They bring together local medical schools, Local Education and Training Boards, trusts and other organisations involved in training doctors.

The UK Foundation Programme Office

The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) provides a central information point for medical schools, foundation schools, foundation trainees and the faculty involved in foundation training. The aim of the UKFPO is to develop and promote innovative training methods, such as e-learning and the electronic portfolio, as well as to develop and administer the recruitment and programme allocation system throughout England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

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